We are always eager to meet future teammates! Applications from all levels of lawyers, legal and summer interns, as well as for administrative roles are always welcome. As we highly value long-term relationships and believe in the synergy made possible by organic growth, we encourage applicants in their early career years to join and grow with us.

Applications can be sent via e-mail to hr@ozmenyalcin.com, along with a curriculum vitae demonstrating solid academic background and language skills, a brief statement of purpose and other supporting information.

Legal internship applications must preferably be made by the end of February and summer internship applications by the end of April.


We are a hardworking, passionate and well-balanced team

We value genuine relationships and have a long term approach to our clients, affiliates and our people. Senior level responsiveness and availability are our priorities in providing high-quality legal services. We understand. We empathize. We deliver.

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